Online Report

This facility is for concerns you may have about fraud (including bribery, corruption or wider economic crime) in the Department of Health and Social Care and wider health group.

NHS Counter Fraud Authority (NHSCFA) deals with information where the Department of Health, NHS or wider health group can be identified as the victim i.e. when a suspected fraud may have led to the loss of health service funds. If you think that the victim is not the Department of Health and Social Care, NHS or wider health group it may help you to refer to the useful links area to look at other options for reporting your concerns.

  • You will be guided through a series of questions, which have been designed to make sure you have the opportunity to tell us all you know and help us deal with your information efficiently.
  • If there is anything you don't understand or you need help, please click on the icon.
  • You will have an opportunity to provide a full account of your concerns, in your own words.
  • You will be able to attach up to 6 documents (in most file formats) to your report.
  • If you remain inactive for more than 30 minutes, the session will expire and anything you have added will be lost.
  • You can cut and paste information you hold in other places into your report, so if the report is complex you may wish to prepare it elsewhere first.